Avseal II - High Pressure

Product description

The new range of Avseal® blind sealing caps is exclusive in capping efficiency that provides low and high pressure holes in sealing applications. The fast installation of the cap provides technical features like:

  • simplifies preparation of the hole and the installation process
  • provides a greater number of potential applications
  • great increase in quality and safety in applications
  • lower application costs


  • Can be easily modified - can suit specific applications
  • Bevelled bushing and leg - easy to enter the application and the prong, suitable for automated systems
  • No locking ring formed by prong - the standard equipment reduces preventive maintenance
  • Internal locking - flat prong and easy to use
  • Wider hole tolerance - hole alignment simplified when automated positioning required
  • Completely annealed bushing - high sealing pressure
  • Hole-filling capacity - enhanced seal and greater hole tolerance
  • Seal by bushing compression-increases seal with great capacity for filling the hole with wider tolerance.
  • Leg retention increased - vibration resistance increased
  • Special "Low force" version - can be used in thin applications
  •  Shorter length after positioning, reduced protrusion on blind side - use in confined spaces or thin walls
  • Easy to position with standard equipment - seal quality does not depend on the operator


  • Holes with wide tolerance
  • Shorter hole length
  • Applications with thin walls
  • Limited space
  • High pressure applications
  • Low pressure automotive applications

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