for fixing PCB connectors

Product description

Initially designed to fix DIN 41612 connectors to PCB, it can also be used to fix a vast range of other connectors and components.


  • Various lengths of the body provide a vast range of clampable thicknesses to receive many combinations of connectors and thicknesses of the printed circuits
  • Provides a joint that is resistant to vibrations, has enhanced extraction resistance and good residual clamping force
  • Ideal as a tacking fastener
  • Annular grooves on the body that expand radially during installation
  • Can be used in applications with a blind hole


  • Materials: Tin plated brass and aluminium alloy
  • Sizes: From 2.5 mm and 2.8 mm
  • Shape of the head: Round


  • Heat sinks
  • Extraction levers
  • DIN connectors and other
  • Support brackets and bars

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